The End: A radiation leak wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf, leaving only one survivor - Chicken Soup Machine Repair Man, Dave Kister. After three million years in suspended animation, Lister emerges to find he is the last human being in the universe... but he is not alone.!

Future Echos: When Red Dwarf Brakes the speed of light, time dilates, and the crew begin to experience visions from their own futures. Sadly for Lister, his future appears to include being reduced to his component atoms by a rather large explosion. Happpily for Rimmer, Lister's future appears to include being reduced to his component atoms by a rather large explosion.

Balance of Power: Rimmer encounters his most dangerous, blood-chilling challenge ever - Lister is taking the chef's exam, and if he passes he will hold sufficent rank to have Rimmer replaced as the ship's hologram. Just how low will the universe's most obnoxious dead man stoop to stop him?

Waiting for God: Holly, the ship's computer, recovers a strange, unidentified pod floating in the frozem wastes of Deep Space. Rimmer is convinced it contains the remains of a long dead alien warrior, and immediately begins a scientific investiagaion to decipher the pod's hieroglyphics. Meanwhile, Lister's rather mundane day perks up a little when he discovers he is a God.

Confidence and Paranoia: Lister contracts a mutated pneumonia virus. The hallucinations of his fevered brain materialize in solid form and suddenly the ship is beset by rains of herring and exploding sixteenth century mayors of Warsaw. When his fever breaks, Lister wakes up to find he has created personifications of his Confidence and Paranoia, and a war of manipualtion begins.

Me 2: Rimmer, the odious hologram, creates his perfect companion- an indentical duplicate of
himself. He moves out of his quarters he shares with Lister and starts rooming with his doppleganger. At first things are blissful, but the course of true love never runs smoothly and the
two Rimmers find themselves locked in a conflict so fierce, only one of them will survive.